Video Poker Software

There are essentially two ways to play online video poker. You could download and install a casino client to your desktop, or play instantly in your browser via Flash-powered video poker software. Though a Video Poker Download is preferred by some, there are plenty of advantages to playing browser-based online video poker software.

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Video Poker Software – OS Compatibility

The most obvious reason one might prefer to play video poker software like no-download software, is compatibility issues with anything outside of a Windows PC operating system. It’s amazing really that the online casino industry has been around for well over a decade, yet no online casino software programmer has yet to introduce a Mac-compatible casino client. Software brands have claimed to have such Mac-friendly download casinos in the works for years, but still we’ve seen nothing.

Fortunately, Flash-powered video poker software is readily available at most online casinos, and is 100% compatible with Mac and Linux operating systems, as well as Windows PC of course.

Video Poker Software – No Download Required

Obviously there is no download required to play instant video poker games in your browser, but what’s so great about that? A lot, actually. There are thousands of online video poker fans who do not wish to clog their hard drive with downloads.

Many players don’t trust downloadable programs, considering all of the worms and viruses that plague the internet these days. While this is nothing to be concerned about at reputable online casinos, so many computer users make it a rule not to download anything at all in order to avoid any potential problems. For these types of gaming fans, instant-play video poker software is a perfect solution.

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Video Poker Software – Play From Anywhere

Let’s say you have a account with an online casino, playing video poker games on a regular basis from your home computer in a download casino client. What if you are away from home? Maybe you’re staying a few days at a friend or relatives house. You don’t want to download and install an entire online casino client to your host’s computer, right?

Instead, just head over to the casino web site and play directly in the browser-based video poker software.

Important Notes on Video Poker Software

Flash video poker software is designed to mirror the download version as closely as possible. Many casino software developers provide the exact same game variety in both downloadable and non-download software. Some of the bigger game producers, like Microgaming, with over 450 games on its total menu, cuts the Flash version of its video poker software back to just under 200 games (but that’s still a lot!)

The graphics are just as crisp, the sounds just as realistic, and if you’ve got a good broadband internet connection, the speed just as well paced. If your internet connection is not so great, such as DSL, it may be a little twitchy at times because Flash-powered online video poker software is forced to load all graphics/sounds each time you visit the online casino. You can speed it back up by decreasing the quality of the graphics display in the video poker software options menu.

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