Video Joker Poker

Video Joker Poker is a direct descendant of Jacks or Better video poker games, but with a few variations that have made it quite popular among the live and online casino crowds.

The most obvious difference is that Video Joker Poker is played with a 53-card deck, rather than the standard 52-card deck. The 53rd card is the Joker, a wild card that takes the place of any other card that would result in the highest possible winning combination.

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The winning combinations also differ from traditional Jacks or Better video poker games. Because of the wild card feature, you’ll need at least a pair of Kings to initiate a payout, rather than a pair of Jacks. A Natural Royal Flush carries the largest payout (4000-to-1 with a 5-coin max bet). You can also hit a Wild Royal Flush using the Joker, paying 320-to-1 for a 5-coin wager.

At RTG casinos, like Cherry Red Casino for example, there is an even higher payout for what is known as a Sequential Royal Flush. It is the same as a Natural Royal Flush except that the cards have to come up in exact order of 10-J-Q-K-A as opposed to something like A-J-Q-10-K. This awesome little rarity will net you a whopping payout of 10,000-to-1 for a 5-coin wager!

Joker Poker also has a video poker bonus feature known as the Double Bonus Round. Every time you win a hand, you have the option of playing for double-or-nothing in a high-card game against the computer. See “Video Joker Poker – Double Bonus” below.

How to Play Video Joker Poker

Video Joker Poker is a basic 5-card draw game. You start by selecting how much you want each coin wagered to be worth (i.e. $0.05, $0.25, $0.50, $1 or $2). Then insert up to 5 coins. Hit “Bet One” to add each coin, or just press “Bet Max” to bet all 5 coins (recommended for max payouts). Clicking Bet Max will automatically draw the cards. Otherwise click Draw to see your starting 5-card hand.

Now comes the draw phase. Click on each card you wish to keep. A HOLD sign will appear on or below the cards you’ve chosen to keep. Click the card again to remove the HOLD sign if you change your mind or click the wrong one. Now click DRAW and every card you did not hold will be replaced, revealing your final 5-card hand.

Any winning combination will be highlighted on the pay table above your cards, and you will automatically receive the corresponding payout. If no winning combination is achieved, your bet is lost. Make a new bet and try again.

Video Joker Poker – Double Bonus

Some Video Joker Poker games include a Double Bonus Round. Every time you hit a winning combination, you will be given the option to play the Double feature. You can choose to skip this round by clicking no. If you choose to play, you are betting double-or-nothing on a simple game of high-card.

A 5-card hand will be dealt. The first card is the computer’s card, and will be revealed to you. You then choose any one of the four remaining cards. If your card is higher than the computer’s card, you win double your money. If not, you lose your winnings.

Video Joker Poker – Pay Table

Video Joker Poker has a more advanced pay table, since the wild card can create more winning combinations. The following pay table is taken from RTG casinos with video Joker Poker. Note that the “Sequential Royal” may not be available at other live or online casinos. Other than that, the pay tables should be the same.
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HAND1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Seq. Royal50010001500200010000
Natural Royal25050075010004000
5 of a Kind150300450600750
Wild Royal80160240320400
Straight Flush50100150200250
4 of a Kind20406080100
Full House612182430
3 of a Kind246810
2 Pair12345
Pair of Kings+12345