Online Video Poker VS Live Casinos

If you’ve never experienced both online video poker and live casino video poker games, you probably think there’s a lot of differentials between the two gaming styles. As far as the video poker games themselves are concerned, there’s very little incongruence. Most of the dissimilarities come in the way of the player’s overall experience.

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In fact, online video poker games and live casino video poker games are virtually identical. Both are powered by a software program and displayed on a computer screen. The outcome of both is controlled by something called a random number generator (RNG) that electronically shuffles and unpredictably deals the cards.

Online video poker games offer the exact same choices, bet sizes and payouts as live casino video poker games. The only difference here is that you use a mouse to click the buttons when playing online video poker, while at a live casino you have to physically press the buttons to make you selections.

Another variable between live and online video poker games is the way in which you pay. At a live casino, you’ll have to insert cash into the video poker machine. Your credits are displayed according to your desired coin size. If you deposit $5 and choose to wager $0.10 per coin, you’ll have 50 credits. In an online video poker game, your entire bankroll is automatically displayed.

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Obviously you cannot deposit cash into your computer, but you can use a credit card or other payment method to make a deposit to your online casino account. In many ways this is much more convenient than a live casino. There are no fees associating with online casino credit card deposits, whereas an ATM withdrawal at the casino will cost you a few of the dollars you could have been spending playing video poker.

The two most significant difference – those that blast live casino right out of the water when it comes to playing video poker games – and the payout percentages and the time/money saved by not traveling.

Travel expenses can be quite high these days, especially for those who do not live near a live casino establishment. The cost of hitting a Las Vegas casino, for example, can be outrageous. Gas money, air fare, hotel accommodations, dining, bar tabs, tips. It all adds up very quickly. Even for those with a casino nearby, the gas prices are not what they were 10 years ago, and if you get hungry, casino food is by no means cheap. Instead, you could be playing online video poker without spending any cash on anything besides the games themselves. If you get hungry or thirsty, your own kitchen is a few steps away. And let’s face it, what casino would let you play video poker in your underwear? You only get that kind of comfort online!

Payout percentages are another enormous draw for online casino games. Internet based casinos have much lower overhead costs – less employees, less bills; can you imagine a single month’s electric bill at a live casino? They can afford to pass that on to the players, and they do. Payout percentages are much higher, averaging 95% and up on all online casino games, as opposed to 80% to 88% in a live casino.

The choice is obvious – the advantages of online video poker easily prevail over those in a live casino.

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