Video Poker Games

Video poker games were first introduced in the 1970’s, about the same time the first personal computer was developed. It’s kind of surprising that slots have been around since the late 1800’s, and yet it took so long to design a video poker game that is so closely related in design; at least by today’s standards.

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The reason video poker games took so long to incorporate wasn’t just the necessary technological advancements, but that it simply wasn’t worth the incredible cost of building such a machine. When it finally became viably profitable in the 1970’s, video poker games burst onto the casino floors and became an instant hit.

Nowadays, video poker games are a staple of every brick-and-mortar and online casino. Originally based on traditional 5 Card Draw, video poker games are now played with a wide assortment of rules, mostly based on 5 Card Draw.

Popular Video Poker Games – Jacks or Better

The most popular video poker game ever designed was, and is, Jacks or Better Video Poker. This game is played in standard 5 Card Draw fashion, paying out a prize for any hand of a Pair of Jacks, or better; i.e. Pair of Tens is worthless. A Pair of Jacks thru Aces will only pay back your original wager, breaking even really, but that’s better than a loss, and anything ranking higher than a Pair will incite a profit.

Popular Video Poker Games – Deuces Wild

Another popular video poker game is Deuces Wild. Aptly names, Deuces Wild video poker games utilize the same rules as 5 Card Draw except that all deuces (2’s) are wild cards. Any deuce will immediately take the place of whatever card would give you the highest ranking winning combination. For example, if you have 2-4-5-7-8, the deuce becomes a 6 to create a straight. If you have a 2 and 4 Clubs, you would get a Flush.

Popular Video Poker Games – Double Bonus Video Poker

Double Bonus Video Poker is based on Jacks or Better, but with a twist on all winning hands. You have the option of betting double-or-nothing on a simple High-Low card game. Every time you win a hand, you will be asked if you want to opt into the Double Bonus, or just take your winnings and move on.

The Double Bonus game deals one card to the house, and one to the player. If the player’s card is higher, the original winnings are doubled. If the player’s card is lower, the original bet is lost.

All video poker games with the word “Double” in the name have this, or a very similar, bonus round feature.

Popular Video Poker Games – 7 Card Stud Video Poker

The majority of video poker games are played with 5 cards, but some online casinos now offer 7 Card Stud Video Poker, played very differently from standard video poker games. Like traditional 7 Card Stud, you only get to see a few cards at a time.

All 7 cards are displayed face down, and then the first two revealed. You must place another bet to see another card, and so on until all 7 are displayed. You can fold at any time, losing all current bets, but saving coins when you don’t think a winning hand is coming. Since you have seven cards in this video poker game, at least a Three of a Kind is required to get a payout.