Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is a popular video poker game based on the traditional video poker game, Jacks or Better. In fact, there is very little difference between the two video poker games except for the pay table.

In this game, the video poker bonus comes in the way of extended payouts for a Four of a Kind. On any standard video poker games, you would expect to see the typical pay table, ranked highest to lowest as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, etc. A Four of a Kind actually takes precedence over the Straight Flush in Double Bonus Poker.

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The value of a Four of a Kind depends on the cards it is made up of. A Four of a Kind in 5 thru King is worth a payout of 50-to-1 (the same as a Straight Flush payout). Four 2’s, 3’s or 4’s pays 80-to-1. Four Aces pays 160-to-1.

The trade off for having such high payouts in the Four of a Kind department is that Two Pair pays the same as a single Pair of Jacks or better, which is nothing really. These hands merely return your bet. It’s better than losing the bet, but offers no profit. Then again, the expected payout percentage for Double Bonus Poker is nearly 99% when using a perfect video poker strategy, so in the long term a single big hand can pay off big time.

How to Play Double Bonus Poker Video Poker

Just like its predecessor, Double Bonus Poker is played in the exact same manner as Jacks or Better Video Poker. The player may post a wager of up to 5 coins. When ready, press Draw to get your original 5 card hand.

Click each of the cards you wish to keep and a “HOLD” or “HELD” sign will appear either directly on the card or just below it. Click Draw again and you new 5-card hand appears, replacing all cards that were not held with new ones. This is your final 5-card hand.

If your hand meets the requirements of any combinations on the pay table, you will be paid accordingly. If not, your bet is lost.

Double Bonus Poker Video Poker – Pay Table

Double Bonus Poker pay tables are found in two forms – one that pays 50-to-1 for a Straight Flush and four of a King 5-K, and one that pays only 47.8-to-1 for these combinations.

The first version is known as the true 10/7 Double Bonus Poker game (shown below), and should always be sought out over the latter for the best possible payout percentages. When using a perfect video poker strategy, it actually decreases the house edge into the negatives, paying out just over 100%. Play Double Bonus Poker Now – Get a $1,200 Video Poker Bonus

HAND1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Royal Flush25050075010004000
Four Aces160320480640800
4 - 2s, 3s, 4s80160240320400
4 - 5s thru Ks50100150200250
Straight Flush50100150200250
Full House1020304050
3 of a Kind3691215
2 Pair123465
Pair (Jacks+)12345