History of Casino Video Poker

Casino video poker is extremely popular among card playing enthusiasts, especially at casinos where live poker tables are not on the gaming menu. However, casino video poker has its fair share of advantages over live poker games. Players do not feel obligated to bluff (you can’t bluff a computer!), you’re competing for a strong hand, not “the strongest” hand, and your Quad Aces can never be cracked.

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Casino video poker machines were not properly introduced until the 1970’s, but they actually date a bit farther back than that. Manufacturers and casino managers had no desire to build casino video poker machines before that time because it simply wasn’t an economically sound development.

The combination of a solid-state central processing unit (CPU) with a monitor, much like that of a television, was simply too expensive. It would not be a lucrative investment considering how long it could take for a casino video poker machine to pay for itself.

In 1979, SIRCOMA (which later evolved into International Game Technology, or IGT) introduced Draw Poker, and casino video poker games blossomed henceforth. Throughout the 1980’s, players discovered that casino video poker was a lot less intimidating than a populated poker table, thus the popularity of casino video poker received a significant boost.

Advancements in design have made casino video poker more appealing to gamers, and more cost effective to casino management. It has certainly earned a warranted position on the casino floors, lining the walls just like slot machines, if not quite so abundantly.

Though it seems an appropriate closing point, that is not the end of our story by far. A new chapter in the history of casino video poker was acknowledged in the 1990’s when computer technology brought the world a little bit closer. That’s right; we’re talking about the incredible, life-altering invention known as the internet.

Casino video poker didn’t land in cyberspace right away, but once computers and internet capabilities became an above average household item, online casinos were soon to follow. Casino software developers began popping up, including today’s largest casino video poker programmer, Microgaming. Even IGT got into the online casino business, knowing an eventual gold mine when they saw one.

Online casino video poker is actually developed in the same fashion as live casino video poker games, using a complex computer program to facilitate the actual playing of the games. The only real difference is that live casino have a actual box with a viewing screen , while online casino rely on the player’s computer system to display the online video poker games.

Today, casino video poker games can be found in thousands of online based casinos. Players from all over the world can gather at their favorite online gaming sites to play casino video poker in multiple formats – Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, All American Video Poker, Deuces Wild, the list goes on – playing for real money or just for the fun of it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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