All American Poker

All American Poker is virtually the same as classic Jacks or Better video poker games, except that it involves a special “Double or Nothing” bonus round at the end of every winning hand payout. All American Video Poker is often presented in single and multiple hand varieties, with up to 4, 10, 50 or even 100 hands per play.

The pay table is very basic in All American Poker, returning a players bet for achieving a Pair (Jacks or higher), scaling up to pay as high as 4000x for a Royal Flush when wagering the maximum 5 coins.

Players can choose how many coins they wish to wager, ranging from 1 to 5. The payouts progress evenly for each additional coin wagered, except for the Royal Flush, which increases from 250, to 500, to 750, to 1000, then jumps to 4000. This is the only real benefit of wagering 5 coins.

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How to Play All American Poker

All American Poker is a traditional game of 5-card draw, except that you’re competing against the machine, rather than other players. You don’t have to beat any other hands. The object is to develop any hand that meets the criteria for a payout, accordingly to the pay table displayed on the screen. Payouts start at a Pair of Jacks. A Pair of 10, for instance, would be worth nothing.

To play All American Poker, you’ll first want to place a wager. Choose the coin denomination, then click Bet One for each coin you’d like to insert (up to 5), and click Draw. Or just click Bet Max to insert 5 coins and start the initial draw phase automatically.

You’ll be dealt and shown 5 cards. From these, you’ll click on each card you want to hold in your hand. A HOLD label appears on the cards you’ve chosen to keep.

Press Draw and all cards you did not hold are replaced by new ones to make up your final 5-card hand. If the hand meets any of the winning requirements shown on the pay table, you win the corresponding payout.

All American Poker – Double or Nothing

After every win, you are asked if you’d like to go Double or Nothing on a video poker bonus round. Choose yes and a new 5-card hand is dealt. The first card is revealed, belonging to the computer. You have to choose one of the remaining 4 cards. If your card beat’s the computer’s card, you win double your original bet. If not, the winnings are lost.

All American Poker – Pay Table

The pay table in All American Poker is more complex than most Jacks or Better video poker games. The payout for Two Pair is reduced, only returning a player’s bet, just like a Pair (Jack+). But Straights, Flushes, Full Houses and Straight Flushes pay better. Play All American Poker Now Click Here – Get a $1,200 Video Poker Bonus

HAND1 Coin2 Coins3 Coins4 Coins5 Coins
Royal Flush25050075010004000
Straight Flush2004006008001000
4 of a Kind306090120150
Full House816243240
3 of a Kind3691215
2 Pair12345
Pair of Jacks+12345